Men’s Health: Stop ‘manning up’ and start sharing

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Strength, dominating positions of power, the hunter-gatherer, the idea that silence is strong/attractive, and the “show no weakness” bravado of heroes in our media.

Mental Health affects us all irrespective of gender, age or background.

In many of these macho images, there is little room for showing poor mental health or vulnerability. The men who are most revered in society (famous, wealthy, successful, powerful) are not always ready to admit their struggles in public, and that can leave the “average bloke” feeling uncertain about speaking out.

Almost 5000 men each year have lost their lives to suicide in the UK.

However, the tide is turning for men. When Prince William and Prince Harry began talking openly about their own mental health challenges, it gave the nation an incredible lift. One by one, more of these revered men are coming forward and openly addressing mental health; footballers, politicians, actors, anyone can talk about it. These men are not weak or failing by speaking out, in fact, they are the brave ones.

There has never been a better time to seek – and be accepted for – help with your mental wellbeing. Join us for a 30-minute discussion man-to-man to discuss how you can tackle the challenges with lots of guidance and the support you need from like-minded colleagues.

Book this workshop for your people

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