Art of Meaningful Progress: Mastering sustainable change




Objective: Learn how to understand the importance of accountability and clear planning in achieving personal and professional goals, and to provide the practical tools and strategies for staying on track and making progress throughout the year.

Accountability and clear planning are two essential binding ingredients that will enable your resolution to come to fruition. Without exhibiting accountability, we lose a sense of alignment between our thoughts, words, and actions, making it harder to achieve meaningful progress in our personal and working lives.

Join us for a hands-on workshop with Business Psychologist Jill Williams to understand which mindsets are helping, or hindering, your progress.

We will dive into what your values are and how to align these with your goals for a positive impact. We will explore why you may often find yourself procrastinating and common reasons for losing touch with your resolutions as the year passes.

Bring with you a work, health or lifestyle-related resolution and get to grips with managing your impulses, managing conflicting priorities, and how to successfully listen to cues from your body to avoid confusing a lack of motivation with tiredness.

Key learnings:

  1. Identify the key obstacles between you and your resolutions
  2. Understand how to set clear value-based intentions for the year ahead
  3. Feel inspired to progress in a sustainable way


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