Map Your Energy: Understand your unique energy systems

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When it comes to recovery, there is no ‘one solution’ that fits all. People have drains, activities which can lead to fatigue, and gains, activities that leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. These drains and gains tend to vary between people; something that drains one person could be another person’s gain. These drains and gains do not remain constant. They can change based on the season, our workload, and other lifestyle stressors.

Our recovery is also affected by our bodies’ internal energy levels. These can change and fluctuate according to our hourly, daily, and monthly rhythms and habits. Top-line performance requires us to listen to our bodies actively. How do our gains and drains impact our biology? How can we tweak our habits to best tap into the power of our internal energy rhythms?

Join us for a workshop where you can map out your energy. To begin with, participants will be identifying their unique drains and gains. We’ll then explore our internal rhythms and how our hormones play a vital part in our energy cycles, linking this to our personal drains and gains. Finally, we’ll delve deeper into mental tiredness, our typical habits to combat this, and how this relates to our blood sugar levels.

Key learnings:

  1. Map out your unique energy gains and drains
  2. Understand how to plan recovery for busy periods and how to store energy when at rest
  3. Analyse your energy cycles so you can understand what you need to achieve to increase your energy and focus