Upgrade My Diet: Find your eco-friendly high-performance diet

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Well-known fact: Nutrition and mental clarity are highly linked. As a society, we are moving towards healthier eating and are generally taking our diets and health more seriously. However…

Lesser known fact: the micronutrient content of our food has been increasingly diluted due to mass production methods. Could our healthy, balanced diets actually be undernourishing our brains and bodies?

For example, we would need to eat three apples to get the same iron content just one would have contained in 1940. It isn’t just mass-production methods; research shows how foods are stored and transported to supermarkets can also lead to a further decline in nutrient levels.

With convenience a priority, supermarkets maximise profit margins at the expense of people and the environment, encouraging mass production methods. Over time, this system has become increasingly associated with waste and unnecessary plastic use.

This all sounds quite bleak and hard to change, so what’s the solution? Is there a way to establish a diet that is healthy in the modern world, not just for us but also for the planet?

At Feel Good, we’ve designed a workshop that equips you to do just that. Join us as we explore the complicated world of nutrients, supplements and more! Understand what foods are nutritionally depleted due to over-cropping or over-processing and learn the truths and myths behind supplements. Build your high-performance, sustainable nutrition plan to nourish your body, maximise brain power, and look after our world – without breaking the bank!

Key learnings:

  1. Understand the impact over-cropping and over-processing has on our food’s nutritional profile and our environment
  2. Learn myths and truths about multiple supplements
  3. Learn how to make healthy and eco-friendly food choices & build your own nutrition action plan