The Power Of Rest: Why sleep alone isn’t enough

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Rest, like sleep, is a biological need – a process for restoration and rebuilding. Rest is a major pathway to our renewal and survival. We re-create, renew and reorganise ourselves through the process of rest. Effective rest can help you succeed by making you alert, whole, productive and happy.

Like other forms of rest, sleep follows circadian rhythms, which powerfully affect our behaviour and performance. It is therefore vital we create rhythms in our lives. Sleep is a powerful “passive” way to do this, just as “active” rest is too.

Rest comes in various guises. Social rest means using the power of social connectedness to relax and rejuvenate. Spiritual rest is the practice of connecting with things larger and greater than ourselves, providing fellowship and meaning. Physical rest provides calmness, relaxation, mental alertness and overall better health by focusing on your body and its most straightforward physiological processes.

“Active” rest is conscious. “Active” rest is under your control. “Active” rest is goal orientated and directed. Join us for a session where we introduce techniques and practices to rest the body and mind. Accomplish the necessary component of human existence.

Key learnings:

  1. Understand why sleep is key but sometimes not enough to support your rest
  2. Learn different ways of rest to enhance your recovery
  3. Explore how you can add more rest to your day