Make Movement a Success: How to empower meaningful change

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Over six-and-half-million years, your body has evolved to move. We are migratory species, and our capacity to move for over three hundred thousand years defined our success. However, technological advancement over the past one hundred years has dramatically altered how we live and in turn, has altered us. Whilst the rise of technology has changed our lives for the better, it has also changed us for the worse.

A hundred years ago, most people didn’t sit all day at work. People lived agricultural-based lifestyles and typically engaged with tasks that involved agility and movement. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that up to 85% of the population worldwide does not engage in enough movement, and adults of working age in England average about 9.5 hours per day of sedentary time.

The hardest part is breaking the cycle and making a change that we can sustain to enhance our health and equip us to live a more fulfilled life. As such, this workshop aims to learn how we can facilitate behavioural changes by breaking negative cycles and share some real-world methods and hacks to make meaningful change happen.

We will explore our relationships with physical activity and exercise, learn how to own situations and make changes on our terms – based on values that matter to us, individually.

Key learnings:

  1. Learn how to make the changes that matter
  2. Learn intelligent ways of training for lifelong exercise
  3. Learn how to make more positive changes by building on your success