Inspiration Overload: Finding your direction in a world of too much influence

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We live in a digital world full of inspiration, influencers, memes, life hacks and much more. There is a continual display of information about what we should be doing and what everyone else is supposedly doing. This constant exposure to the accomplished, varied life of others can get overwhelming. There are all sorts of expectations and pressures put upon us that are often contradictory and pull us in multiple directions.

We should strive for routine and stability to be successful. We should take risks and adventures to grow. We should want the flexibility offered by working from home. We should go back to the office for more connections and opportunities. We should have a good work-life balance. We should all have a side-hustle.

We actually need to learn how to cut through the noise and find our balance amongst these paradoxical expectations. When inspiration is consumed steadily and more mindfully, it’s far easier to understand how we can use it to our advantage and weave it into our own needs and purposes.

Join us for one hour of radical self-reflection. Explore how to navigate your way through the constant conflicting expectations that surround us in the modern and digital world. Learn how to shake off the toxic ‘need for more’, which can often leave us feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Gain clarity on what is important to you and re-ignite a sense of passion in your life and work.

Key learnings:

  1. Shake off the need to achieve everything so that you can make a real impact on what matters to you
  2. Explore the contradicting expectations you may have in life, work, and relationships
  3. Re-discover your purpose and meaning and re-ignite your passion for life and your work