Gratitude Is The New Attitude: Celebrate Success & empower your team

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Rigorous studies have repeatedly shown that we don’t remember balanced representations of the events we experience. What we remember is related to what we felt at the time and how we label and think about these experiences. How we talk about these experiences with the people around us constantly reprogrammes our memories.

What thoughts and conversations are you having about your current circumstances and your memories of 2022?

We challenge you to take your perspectives to the next level, to dare to see the good, the beauty and the possibilities brought forth by today’s climate.

Celebration is a lost art. Most of us can’t count ‘grateful’ among our attitudes, and we rarely give ourselves credit for what we have achieved. Feeling proud of yourself is a key part of confidence and happiness and essential for a positive outlook.

Join us for an eventful workshop on the science and practice of gratitude. This inspiring workshop provides a chance to come together to celebrate your success throughout the year, reflect with compassion, and look forward with hope and excitement. Through meaningful conversations and practical exercises, you will take your gratefulness game to the next level and learn how to energise your colleagues.

Key learnings:

  1. Have a clear understanding of how gratitude can change your perspectives and energise you
  2. Create a new narrative about the current circumstances, fuelled with compassion and hope
  3. Empower and support their colleagues and help them recognise and feel proud of what they have achieved