Podcast: Financial Wellbeing

Listen and learn how to overcome financial stressors and understand how to achieve financial wellbeing.
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Money. Typically a taboo topic. No one wants to talk about it. During today’s episode, it’s all we’re going to talk about! Well, maybe not money exactly but a very related topic: our financial wellbeing.

Danni Haig, a business owner, performer, an expert on the mind, and one of Feel Good’s leading business psychologists and leadership coaches, joins us on today’s financial adventure.

Episode Questions:

  1. What is financial wellbeing and why is it relevant now more than ever?
  2. What is financial wellbeing really about?
  3. What questions can we ask ourselves to take the pulse of our financial wellbeing?
  4. Can you recommend books or other free resources people can access to learn more about the psychology of money and financial wellbeing in general?
  5. What are the biggest factors causing financial stress, and how have these been impacted in the last years by the recent events?
  6. What are the do’s and don’ts to overcome our financial stressors?
  7. What can we do long-term to control our impulses around money, stick to our goals and make change happen?

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