Cognitive Energy: Find your ’tech-life’ balance

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When your mind is in good shape, you feel relieved, aware, prepared to adapt and equipped to deal with any challenge that may come your way. But, when we spend most of our time on digital devices and are distracted or interrupted, we can’t help but overload our mental capacity.

With social media readily available and digital distractions outside work, we are constantly ‘switched’ on. According to Adam Alter, we respond to emails within 6 seconds. Without proper detachment exercises and healthy digital boundaries, we develop an always-on attitude that can, in time, affect our focus, wellbeing and social energy.

“The flexibility of the digital world can actually be a trap. Instead of being able to work ‘whenever, wherever’, you end up working everywhere and all the time.” – Tanya Goodin

Join us to create a plan to help you regain control over your mental energy. Bring your pen and paper and your determination, get engaged and decide how you will move from a state of cognitive overload into a state of mental clarity. Explore the principles of digital minimalism and learn how to retrain your focus and improve your productivity.

Key learnings:

  1. Explore what digital minimalism is and how you can make it work for you
  2. Make a practical action plan to guide your digital journey in the next three months
  3. Learn ways to create boundaries, retrain your focus and gain a sense of mental ease