Natalie Schurmann

Organisational Psychologist & Executive Coach

MSc Organisational Psychology, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, PCC Coaching, BPS Level A&B Certified Psychological Testing


Creating a safe & motivating learning environment to inspire people to grow ‘beyond’


Mental Health & Healing, Psychological Safety and Empowerment

Previous Life

Fundraiser, vocational skills and health educator for underprivileged youth in Eastern Africa’s poorest areas

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Prior to becoming a professional qualified ICF (advanced PCC level) leadership and strengths coach Natalie held various corporate roles in the technology and consulting services sector. In her most recent corporate role, Natalie was Global VP of Leadership & Development at Infosys (a 120,000-employee global IT services firm in India).

Natalie’s past 23 years of hands-on corporate, coaching, mental health and leadership consulting experience combined with her background in Occupational Psychology, Integrative Psychotherapy, Stress Management and leadership development offers a unique combination and value to her approach with individuals and leaders.

Natalie is a passionate positive psychologist and loves conducting research and writing about mental health at and outside work. Natalie’s publications include articles on mental well-being at work and coaching. She co-authored a book chapter in a collection on organizational culture development and coaching skills for OD and HR professionals: ‘Advancing Executive Coaching’ (Society of Industrial & Organisational Psychology Series, published by Jossey Bass Wiley, 2010)

Natalie regularly coaches leaders 1:1 and facilitates group and team coaching/learning sessions on the areas of mental health, happiness and fulfilment, stress reduction, resilience and emotional coping in English, German, Italian, French across different industry sectors. These range from financial services and investment banking to technology through to retail, biotech, cybersecurity, software/IT managed services, pharma, Oil and Gas, consulting, and the EU government sector.

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