Design my hybrid work: Evolve your working patterns for long-term success

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Challenge: Work style is the way we think, structure, organise, and complete our work. It underpins how we operate, grow and produce results. But everyone’s way of working has been disrupted. Finding our personal working style, what works best, and leveraging our strengths is crucial for optimal, sustainable performance, both in our professional and personal lives.

Solution: Join us to explore how you can create a more sustainable way of working in a hybrid world. Any change starts with self-reflection and a lot of honesty… So what are your hurdles?

In this workshop, we will use Design Thinking tools to give you a sneak preview of how you can face your hurdles and create the working life that you want. We will take you through a journey of identifying the problem you want to solve, identifying obstacles and overcoming them. Together we will explore the workshop’s subject matter through play, games, and dynamic techniques from theatre and contemporary performance. Join us: get curious, explore, experiment, and leave feeling energised and focused on one practical action to focus on to improve your life.

Key learnings:

  1. Map out one key area of your working life that you can incrementally change and improve
  2. Find one change you can make to create a more productive, enjoyable working pattern
  3. Learn coaching tools you can use in the long term to ensure you stay at your best