How an insurance firm broke the stigma around mental health


Brilliant Minds: Mental Health Training


Financial Services

67+ NPS score, the highest to date at the firm.

I feel so proud that we have broken ground today - such an important milestone for us.

A financial services company reached out to Feel Good to address internal challenges around leadership and providing greater support for their people’s mental health.

As Feel Good has extensive experience in the insurance sector, we were able to provide a solution tailored to the broader context of the sector and the business – with a strong clinical understanding of Mental Health and created a solution lifted from our Brilliant Minds: Mental Health Training for Leaders programme.



The training received the highest NPS score to date at the firm



Leaders took part in the training

The problem

Leaders have an increasingly important role in supporting their teams’ mental health. While talking about mental health has become increasingly normalised in the workplace, the impact of the pandemic on mental wellbeing has been staggering.

  • 27% of those in the financial services sector say their wellbeing had been impacted during the pandemic
  • In the insurance sector, poor mental health costs £3,242 per employee per year compared to the national average of £1,652
  • COVID-19 pandemic saw a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide
Condensed key learnings from the Brilliant Minds sessions
The solution

The company wanted to break ground in their industry and train their leaders to lessen the stigma around mental health in the workplace. Feel Good needed to provide a solution that achieved the following:


  1. Empower leaders to feel greater confidence to lead mental health conversations
  2. Help leaders understand why mental health matters and what their role is
  3. Teach leaders to understand boundaries, grounded in their reality
  4. Show how mental health impacts performance and productivity
  5. Support their leaders and show them they are not alone with these challenges


After a discovery stage that got under the skin of the culture at the company and its key pillars and challenges, the Feel Good team of experts designed a live learning journey that condensed key learnings from the Feel Good’s new Brilliant Minds: Mental Health Training that Engages Leaders learning programme into a compact learning experience for 300 of the company’s leaders.


Leaders explored these key subjects during a collaborative and interactive learning journey:

  1. Why supporting mental health is a key priority for the future of leadership
  2. Creating a shared language and understanding of mental health and how work influences it
  3. How to take the mental wellbeing pulse of your team
  4. Building the foundation of a wellbeing culture through supportive, safe conversations
  5. Being an active role model for prioritising your own mental health to inspire change in others

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