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Mental Health Awareness: In-depth 30-minute micro-webinars to boost your leader's learning on the go.
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Boost your leader’s learning with Brilliant Minds: Mental Health Training for Leaders 30-minute micro-webinars, available on demand. Explore the key mental health challenges that have been magnified in the last year. We will explore individual differences, triggers, and ways to move forward.

Your leaders will:

  • Build a deeper understanding of the most common mental health conditions.
  • Learn about the potential triggers and risk factors for these conditions.
  • Understand why the pandemic has impacted people so profoundly.
  • Explore a range of evidence-based techniques for dealing with loss, re-building motivation/confidence and calming our anxious feelings.
  • Explore in detail specialised topics related to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Mental Health in the Context of World Events


As war rages on in Ukraine and the threat of global events like Climate Change, the financial crisis, and political instability becomes more ‘real’ to people everywhere, the impact of these stressors creates significant challenges for our mental health.

The workshop explores the fundamental securities we all need to thrive in life, including certainty, control, and safety, as well as techniques of how you can regroup and recover to support yourself, your children, and your teams amidst the chaos.

  • Develop healthy habits that will empower people to feel more in control.
  • Find ways to strike a balance between staying informed and engaged while caring for your mental health.
  • Discover how your people can proactively respond to these world events and signpost your team as a manager/leader.
  • Gain an understanding of how current world events can trigger increased cases of mental health concerns, such as eating disorders, OCD, and PTSD.
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Grief vs Depression: Processing loss


Grief doesn’t happen just when we lose a loved one. Losing pets, possessions, income, health, or even subtle losses like changing jobs or graduating from university can trigger the grief response.

And while grief is a universal experience, it is also highly individual. This workshop explores all the different ways and durations for which we experience grief, and how you can be there for yourself and others through grief.

  • Explore the differences between grief, unresolved grief, and depression so you can make more sense of your or your loved one’s experience and get the right help you need
  • Discover practical and realistic things you can do for yourself to help manage your feelings of grief
  • Find practical ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts to ensure your response is as supportive as possible to those grieving
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Understanding Depression: Myths and the truths


Depression is a very real and treatable condition. But myths, misunderstandings, and stigma continue to be barriers to treatment for many, and the consequences of untreated depression can be life-threatening.

In this micro-webinar, we tackle the most common myths around the roots and manifestations of depression and help you build your coping strategies and compassion for others.

  • Understand the symptoms and diagnosis of depression so you can spot the signs in yourself and others
  • Understand why depression happens and that it doesn’t need a reason
  • Gain insights into the existing talking therapies for depression and tackle myths around antidepressant use
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Understanding Anxiety: Calming the mind and body


We live in a world full of uncertainty, potential threats, and challenges, so it’s not surprising to see increasing anxiety levels.

Whether it’s our normal anxiety response being triggered or we are experiencing the debilitating symptoms of an anxiety disorder, there are things we can do to manage these feelings more comfortably. We know meditating is not for everyone, so we bring you a whole host of practical solutions so you can find what works for you.

  • Understand how we experience anxiety for different reasons, different durations, and at different intensities
  • Understand when anxiety moves from being normal to being a mental health problem
  • Discover evidence-based exercises and techniques you can use to manage your anxiety
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  1. Create a more human experience at work: Teach your leaders how to move beyond cultures of burnout, high turnover and toxicity to one that brings the best out of everyone and attracts the best talent.
  2. Engage the disengaged: The world needs a new mental health programme fit for the modern age. Brilliant Minds is reflective of the world we live in and doesn’t overpower your leaders with too much jargon.
  3. Sustain greater performance & loyalty: The great resignation has taught us that workers won’t stand for leaders & cultures that don’t stand by them. Teach your leaders the value of mental health & well-being first cultures that ultimately drive sustained performance & retention.
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