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This module empowers your leaders to navigate the grey area between mental health challenges and performance issues.
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This session explores the impact of mental health on performance and conduct and empowers people leaders with the skills necessary to manage this interaction sensitively, yet appropriately.

People leaders will learn how to distinguish between signs of wellbeing issues from those of performance challenges, and discover techniques of openly addressing any relationship between the two.

The session will then consolidate the learnings of the program, and teach your leaders how to take a long-term approach to create a culture of well-being that will then fuel high-performing teams.


  1. Understand the difference between mental health and performance challenges, and learn how to manage the intersection between the two in order to create positive outcomes.
  2. Gain the tools to address performance and mental health conversations effectively.
  3. Proactively co-create good mental wellbeing in your team through applying the evidence-based PERMA model of wellbeing to build a sense of collective thriving.
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